Legal English Basics - Listening Legal English Basics - Listening

UNIT 1 (page 12)

PRACTICE 1  Listen to the description of how a bill becomes a law in the UK.

UNIT 2 (page 30)

PRACTICE 2  The work of members of legal professions may be very challenging and varied, and involve different approaches. Let’s hear what a judge’s work requires. Listen to the description of a day in the life of a Superior Court Judge.

UNIT 3 (page 53)

PRACTICE 3  Listen to a description of the courtroom and every person present there.

UNIT 4 (page 78)

PRACTICE 3  You will hear an explanation of defamation.

UNIT 5 (page 98)

PRACTICE 1  Play Track 5 about the UK Land Registry.

UNIT 6 (page 123)

PRACTICE 1  Play Track 6 concerning remedies available to an injured party in case of a breach of contract.

UNIT 7 (page 151)

PRACTICE 1  The recording explains what kind of persons (shareholders) are considered to have significant influence over the company due to their shareholdings.

UNIT 8 (page 181)

PRACTICE 1  You will hear a brief description of the UK IP law.

UNIT 9 (page 199)

PRACTICE 1  Track 9 explains how employment may be terminated in Australia.

UNIT 9 (page 202)

PRACTICE 3  Listen to TRACK 9A. Now, use the phrases discussed in Practice 2 above to compare the laws in Australia and in Poland with respect to redundancy. Use the example given in Practice 2 as a template.

UNIT 10 (page 220)


Listening: Now, You Be the Judge! Go to the following website provided by the UK Justice:, and follow the instructions. Choose “Vandalism”